Meet Team Comfy

Over a decade ago, the need to find earrings for sensitive ears became a passion. ComfyEarrings founder, Christina Gillick, had grown tired of choosing.

Beauty? Or comfort?

Sleep? Or convenience?

Happy ears? Or not?

She knew it shouldn’t be so hard to look good and feel good at the same time.

So, she began searching for earrings that were all of these things…

  • Earrings that were both beautiful and comfortable
  • Earrings that she could leave in while she was asleep and wear day and night–without needing to remove them
  • Earrings that made her look pulled together, and made her ears happy and comfy at the same time

The trail was cold. But an idea was born. And that idea became ComfyEarrings.

What began as a modest side hobby has turned into a growing business with four team members, and now a BLOG!

We are Team Comfy–and a passion for comfort is what we all have in common.


ComfyEarrings founder and co-owner

How did you find ComfyEarrings?

Well, I couldn’t find them… so we created them.

We worked with a friend at a piercing shop to create the first pair of what would later become “ComfyEarrings”. Then, I tested these “prototypes” by wearing them for more than a year before deciding to launch

Which style of ComfyEarrings is your favorite?

It changes often because we’re always creating new ComfyEarrings styles. Right now I’m really loving our Stainless Bars with Gems paired with my usual go-to, our Crystal Clear Prongs.

Why do you love ComfyEarrings?

I love them because I can look “put together” without any extra effort. I put ComfyEarrings in and leave them, often wearing the same two pair for months at a time. Read our tips for long-term wear here.

What do you like about being a part of the ComfyEarrings team?

I love the teamwork. When we first launched, it was just Nick and me. I often worried that we might have missed a message or comment from a customer and somewhere out there, maybe someone was unhappy.

But now, with our incredible team, I don’t have to worry. Everyone works together to make sure our fans are 100% thrilled with their experience and purchase. I couldn’t do this alone… and I’m SO grateful I don’t have to!

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I’m away from home, I like to catch up with friends and family, try new restaurants, and take trips to explore interesting places (while keeping an eye out for wildlife). When I’m at home, I like to read, watch Netflix with Nick, and birdwatch in my backyard.


ComfyEarrings co-owner

How did you create ComfyEarrings?

Christina said she wanted to introduce her earrings to the world. But, initially, it was trial and error. Lots of testing, hunting for manufacturers, and dealing with all the things it takes to create and run an e-commerce business.

Which style of ComfyEarrings is your favorite?

Each new style of ComfyEarrings that we develop becomes my favorite! But if I had to pick only one, it would be our bar earrings. (The Stainless Steel Bars are available in gold with and without gems, and in polished stainless with and without gems.)

Why do you love ComfyEarrings?

I love seeing how happy our customers and fans get when they discover how comfy our earrings are. Especially fans who couldn’t wear regular earrings previously because of sensitive ears.

What do you like about being a part of the ComfyEarrings team?

As a founder, my favorite part is developing the next generations of ComfyEarrings and overcoming the challenges with production and sourcing.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Just about any outdoor activity. Camping and fishing are my top picks for sure. I also like to build mini cabins among many other fun projects.


Customer Service Manager

How did you find ComfyEarrings?

I worked with Christina (at another company) when she was in the early stages of creating ComfyEarrings. She sent my oldest daughter a prototype of the first earrings. My daughter loved them. She still does!

So, when Christina asked me to come work for her, I jumped at the chance.

Which style of ComfyEarrings is your favorite?

Blue Sapphires are my reigning favorites: My birthstone, of course. I also love the timeless appeal of our classic 6.0 mm Crystal Prongs.

There’s a new kid in town that I have my eye on, though. I can’t wait to try our stunning new Blue Topaz ComfyEarrings!

Why do you love ComfyEarrings?

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with jewelry. Mostly hate, though. Especially with earrings. For years, my ears pretty much stayed infected. It was painful, it was gross, and it just wasn’t worth it. There were simply no good, affordable earrings out there for sensitive ears.

I finally gave up and let them grow back together. In fact, when I came to work for ComfyEarrings I had to admit to Christina that I no longer wore earrings.

But I decided to give ComfyEarrings a try. I was skeptical. I can really relate to the customers who think nothing will ever work for them. I followed the instructions page, and I actually “re-pierced” my ears with ComfyEarrings after a warm shower.

What a difference!

They really are comfortable, durable, and beautiful. I am so thankful I was willing to try.

What do you like about being a part of the ComfyEarrings team?

I literally have the best job ever.  Christina and Nick truly value their customers and team members.

They really want you to love your earrings and wear them every day. They never stop looking for ways to improve. They sell a product I can stand behind. When I tell a customer they’re going to love their earrings, I mean it.

It feels good knowing that I can go the extra mile for our customers with their full support. It makes “coming to work” less like “coming to work.”

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love spending time with my family and friends. My daughters are all grown, and I have two sons-in-law now. My husband and I love to get together with them to play games, watch movies, or eat… mostly eat.

There you have it.

We are Team Comfy.

Our lives have been changed for the better by ComfyEarrings. And we’re on a mission to bring comfort to you.

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