ComfyEarrings Reviews:

Our fans say it best

Wears TEN ComfyEarrings under her helmet!

“I am a helicopter flight nurse and there are 5 pairs of ComfyEarrings under my helmet. They are the only earrings I can wear while I work! Totally worth the investment.

“Thank you so much! Great product and I am happy to endorse it. Actually, these are the first earrings that I could sleep in with my cartilage piercings.”

~ Peggy Havaran

“They’re definitely hot yoga approved!”

~ Jesse

“Now I don’t have to take out my earrings while I work. “

~ Audie Renee
Radio DJ
Dallas, Texas

“I never take them out!”

“They’re ComfyEarrings and they are exactly that — the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. I can do anything from eating to sleeping in them! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘”

~ Shayda
Austin, Texas

“ComfyEarrings give me peace of mind!”

“Having a flat screw on back for Greyson’s earrings means I don’t have to worry about losing them.

“And I love knowing that she is not being poked while she is sleeping.” 

~ Greyson Land’s Mom, Akeisha

“I don’t even notice I’m wearing them… other than all the compliments that I receive.

“I have to give a shout-out to ComfyEarrings because I wear them nearly every day and never have to worry about taking them out.

“I have loved them for YEARS. 

“Thanks! You guys are awesome! I probably would have given up on earrings if it wasnโ€™t for ComfyEarrings!”

~ Kyle  

“P.S. I haven’t taken the earrings out at all. They ARE comfy!”

~ Houdhod

“These are great and the quality feels so good!”


“They don’t stab you!”

“Especially when you’re wearing headphones. I sleep, travel, and work with ComfyEarrings in my ears. I love them!”

~Michelle Rodriguez

Radio DJ, Dallas

96.3 New Country 


The Cockatoo

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Emilee Demary

“I’m obsessed with them!”

“Iโ€™ve always struggled with Snowee trying to get my earrings. I worry she will pull them out and swallow it!

“I now use ComfyEarrings. The backs screw on and they donโ€™t poke you! Iโ€™m obsessed with them!” 

~ Emilee Demary and

Emilee Demary and


Emilee Demary

“Love your earrings so much”

~ Gary W.


“I love my new earrings!

“Easy to sleep in and my ears haven’t broken out or itched! I usually had to wear hypo-allergenic earrings.

“Thank you!!” 

~ Saraya John

“I have 3 ComfyEarrings in my earlobe.”

~ Denise Fournier

“Love my new Opal ComfyEarrings!”

~ Michal Eccles

“I absolutely love them!!”

~ Dena Norris

“Always reppin’ ComfyEarrings”

~ Isabella Bainco

“How great are ComfyEarrings?”

“As one of those lazy people who wear their jewelry to bed, these flat screw-backed studs are a godsend.

“They’re SO comfortable and don’t stab you in the neck when you’re lying on your side or when you’re holding your phone up to your ear. “

~ Frocks and Frou Frou

“Loving the new earrings! I won these blue opals! #ineverwin! Thanks @comfyearrings!”

~ Jamie

“Love your earrings so much”

~ Nocturnina

“I just wanted to say HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE EARRINGS.”

“This is hands down the best purchase I’ve made. It was a little tricky because I’ve never had to ‘screw in’ my earrings before. It took me a few minutes to insert all 4 pairs. I’ve never felt so comfortable in my earrings before. It feels like I’m not wearing anything.

“The ‘screw-in’ design also avoids the jewelry from pinching your ear and the flat backing prevents you from getting stabbed. I slept so good last night and didn’t feel them at all in my ears. It really feels like I’m not wearing earrings.

“I’m 100% satisfied with this product and will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants comfortable earrings for themselves and/or their child.”

~ SylverOrchid