Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question not answered below, please contact us anytime by clicking here.

Can I comfortably sleep in ComfyEarrings?

Yes, you can comfortably sleep in our earrings!

Two-Pieces-MiniBecause ComfyEarrings have a flat back, they won’t poke you in the neck when you sleep on your side or roll over.

Plus, unlike traditional post earrings, the backs of ComfyEarrings screw onto the post so they won’t squish your earlobe during the night – or day!

Can I wear my ComfyEarrings in the shower? How about the pool?

Yes! ComfyEarrings are completely safe to wear in the shower or swimming pool because they’re made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel. Water, sweat, hair products, and even chlorine do not affect ComfyEarrings. We also guarantee they will never turn your skin green.

If I have multiple piercings will ComfyEarrings work for me?

Yes! ComfyEarrings are great for multiple piercings because they eliminate the pain and hassle of traditional stud earrings. For multiple piercings, we recommend our smaller styles which have 4.0 mm gems. Fans also mix our larger earrings with the smaller styles for a graduated look.


I’m allergic to earrings, and I don’t see “nickel free” listed on your site. Are they nickel free or hypoallergenic?

ComfyEarrings are hypoallergenic but not specifically made “nickel free”. All 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel contains very small amounts of Nickel. Comfyearrings are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Here’s why: while doing our initial research and testing, we discovered that most people who experience irritation when wearing earrings aren’t allergic to the metal.

Traditional earrings that pinch against the skin of your earlobe leave very little room for air circulation. The area becomes moist and prone to infection. The most common results are soreness, red itchy skin, and sometimes open sores, which is easily mistaken as an allergic reaction.

If you only experience irritation (red and/or painful earlobes) when wearing earrings, then it’s likely due to the style of the earrings you’re wearing.

Either way, you can find out risk-free. Order your favorite style of ComfyEarrings and give them a try.

If you decide that ComfyEarrings aren’t for you (for any reason) send them back (here’s the address) and we’ll refund 100% of what you paid — no questions asked! Learn more about our 100% comfort and quality guarantee here.

I have very sensitive ears. Will ComfyEarrings irritate my ears?

ComfyEarrings are designed to make wearing earrings as comfortable as possible. We also ensure they are manufactured with the highest quality material to minimize any potential sensitivities.

Customers who thought they’d never be able to wear earrings due to their sensitive ears have been able to successfully and comfortably wear ComfyEarrings 24/7 with no sensitivity.

But, keep in mind, if you had to “re-pierce” your ears to insert ComfyEarrings, it might take a few hours for your ears to readjust. This is normal, and within a few hours, you’ll be able to tell that ComfyEarrings are the most comfortable earrings you’ve ever worn.

If you don’t agree, or if you don’t like the earrings for any other reason, just send them back (here’s the address) and we’ll refund 100% of what you paid!

Refunds and Exchanges

I’ve lost a piece of my earring; how can I order a replacement?

We recommend checking the tightness of your ComfyEarrings daily. But, we also understand that things happen, and little pieces can go missing.

That’s why we offer replacement pieces for our customers. If you’ve lost an earring back, you can purchase replacements here. International customers can purchase replacement backs here. Contact us here if you need a replacement earring.

How do I get a refund for my earrings?

Please visit our Returns page here. If you contact us regarding a return, refund, or replacement, please include your name and email address so we can look up your order.

Note: If you have the time, we’d love to know why ComfyEarrings didn’t work for you. Any information you can give us will help us improve ComfyEarrings.

Wearing ComfyEarrings

Can children wear these earrings?

Yes, anyone with pierced ears can wear ComfyEarrings. We believe ComfyEarrings are great earrings for a baby or child. The flat screw-on back keeps the earrings safe and secure in little ears. (Please check tightness daily and contact us if you experience any issues.)

We even provide small clear silicone o-ring spacers to help the earrings fit nicely in children’s ears. Just be sure to let us know you need these spacers by typing it in the “Order Notes” on the checkout page. (Spacers are free when requested with your order.)

Can ComfyEarrings only be used for ear piercings?

Yes, ComfyEarrings are only for ear piercings. We recommend consulting with a professional piercer before using them in other piercings.

Do ComfyEarrings only work in pierced ears?

Yes, you must have an open pierced hole for the posts to insert through.

Inserting ComfyEarrings

Should I clean ComfyEarrings before use?

Yes. We recommend cleaning ComfyEarrings with a mild, plain antimicrobial soap before use. ComfyEarrings are stored and packaged in a clean environment. However, we can’t guarantee them as sterile when you receive them because they have to go through the shipping process to arrive at your door.

Note: do not use rubbing alcohol on ComfyEarrings because it may dissolve any adhesive attaching the gems to the earrings.

I’m having a hard time inserting my ComfyEarrings… What do you recommend?

ComfyEarrings can be a little tricky the first few times, but we have some tips that have turned people into raving fans! 🙂 You can read them here.

I can’t hold onto the earrings while I’m putting them in…

Because ComfyEarrings were designed to be worn 24/7 and be the most comfortable earrings on Earth, they can be a little tricky to take in and out.

You might need a friend to help you the first time. It gets easier each time you do it, and a pair of latex gloves can aid your grip. If you need more tips and instructions, please contact us.

Post Gauge

What is the gauge of the posts on ComfyEarrings? How do they compare to traditional earrings?

ComfyEarrings have an 18 gauge post to accommodate the threading. Standard stud earrings usually have a 20 gauge post.

The difference is minimal, and most people have no issue with the slightly thicker post. Also, the 18 gauge post aids in the comfort of the earring because it has more resistance against the tissue of the earlobe. Your piercings will not stretch by using an 18 gauge post.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about this, please contact us directly.

Post Length

My earlobes are skinny, and my ComfyEarrings don’t sit flat against my ear. Do you have shorter posts?

Everyone’s earlobe is a different thickness, but we designed ComfyEarrings to fit “most” ears.

If you desire a snugger fit, please let us know, and we will send you a pair of clear silicone o-rings. These o-rings slip over the post and sit against the base of the earring — behind your ear — to give you a snugger fit.

Remember, you don’t want them too tight or they won’t be comfy anymore.


How much does it cost to ship to my state or country?

We currently offer the following shipping options:

  • United States flat rate shipping: $3.25 (US orders over $30 ship free!)
  • Canada flat rate shipping: $10.25
  • Other international flat rate shipping: $13.75

Please note: If you are outside the U.S. your country may charge an import tax.

We ship exclusively through the United States Postal Service.

How will I know when my package has shipped and how to track it?

ComfyEarrings will ship via USPS first class package, and you will receive an email from our system when your earrings are on their way. This email will include a tracking number and a direct link to

Note: For international orders, the tracking feature may stop tracking once the package leaves the United States. If you feel your package is unnecessarily delayed, please contact your local customs office. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, please contact our support team.

How long will it take to ship my ComfyEarrings to my house?

We process and mail orders on business days (Monday – Friday). Your order will normally be shipped within 48 hours – unless it’s the weekend (or unless noted above). In that case, it will be on it’s way to you the following business day.

Our packages come from North Texas and are in a padded envelope. You should expect them to arrive in about the same time-frame as any first-class package from Texas via the United States Postal Service;typically three business days (once shipped) for the continental US.

Please note: Handmade ComfyEarrings are made-to-order. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery.

Questions About ComfyEarrings and Team Comfy

Is ComfyEarrings in America?

Yes. We are in North Texas, about an hour from Dallas.

Where is your phone number? I want to call and ask questions…

The fastest way to hear from our support team is by contacting us here.

We try to answer all emails within one business day.

You may call us at (469) 554-8880 if you prefer. If you would like us to return your call, please be sure to leave us a detailed message with your name, your phone number, and your order number.


I have an idea for you!

We’d love to hear it! Feel free to contact us anytime or reach out to us on Facebook.