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You can’t beat the timeless appeal of white pearl studs … especially now that you can comfortably wear them 24/7! Just as comfortable as our other styles, you’ll forget how great you look!

Designed with pure comfort and quality in mind, medical-grade surgical steel earring posts are permanently adhered into the base of each 6.0 mm synthetic pearl, creating an unbreakable bond. The Pearl ComfyEarrings then insert from the front and the Comfy flat backs screw onto the post behind your ear.

The exclusive screw-on Comfy flat back is just 6mm wide and 2mm thick for maximum comfort and balance. It eliminates pressure on your ears and covers the back of the post to protect your neck from painful pokes (even while sleeping)!

Color: White Pearl
Pearl Size: 6.0 mm
Post: 1.0 mm x 6.0 mm (18 gauge)
Metal: 316L stainless surgical steel
Pearl Type: Synthetic Pearl
Quantity: Sold as a Pair of Earrings

In stock

Comfy Fan Favorites

Say "Goodbye" to the painful pokes of traditional earrings ...

Surgical Grade Metal

ComfyEarrings are made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel so they’re safe and comfortable – even for sensitive ears. (Plus, they will NOT rust, discolor, or turn you green!)

They are independently verified by Thermo Fisher Scientific to ensure safety and comfort – even for the most sensitive ears.

Ready for Any Adventure

Fans have comfortably worn ComfyEarrings while traveling, hiking, swimming, practicing gymnastics, dying their hair, using headsets, and a whole lot more.

Now there’s no reason to choose between looking good and being comfortable — with ComfyEarrings, you can have both!

Money-Back Guarantee

Our #1 concern is that you love ComfyEarrings and want to wear them everyday!

If not, we’d hate for you to feel like you wasted your money. Simply send them back (here’s the address) and we’ll refund 100% of what you paid — no questions asked! Learn more.