Long-term Care for Your Comfortable Earrings

by Ruthie Ma

Confession: I am lazy.

Taking my earrings out at night just takes too much energy. I want comfortable earrings. And by that, I mean I want earrings I can leave in. I want earrings that don’t hurt me when I sleep.

Is that too much to ask?

ComfyEarrings to the rescue!

Because ComfyEarrings are made using high-quality materials (316L Surgical Stainless Steel and grade A CZ crystals), they require very little maintenance for long-term wear. In fact, ComfyEarrings can be worn for several months at a time. Creator, Christina Gillick, wears TWO pairs of ComfyEarrings 24/7/365.

comfortable earrings

Ruthie Ma

The secret is to put them on correctly from the beginning.

ComfyEarrings are not like other earrings… and that’s a good thing!

When you put them in your ears, be sure to hold the back in place behind your ear, then turn the front of the earring to tighten.

Once they’re in, they require minimal care. Just check the backs once a day to ensure they’re still snug (maybe when you brush your teeth or take your morning vitamins). Then don’t give them another thought.

There’s no need to change your routine.


ComfyEarrings are perfect for any activity.

I may be lazy. But that doesn’t mean you are.

ComfyEarrings provide round-the-clock comfort for every activity.

Hike. Jog. Swim. Ride your bicycle… even comfortably with a helmet! You can even shower and, of course, sleep in them, too!

Not only are they comfortable earrings, but they’re also durable earrings. I mentioned they won’t break. They won’t turn your ears green either.

They’re easy to keep clean, too.

It’s important to clean your ComfyEarrings before you wear them for the first time. Use a gentle antimicrobial soap and warm water to gently wash them.

Continue to clean your ComfyEarrings, including the screw-on Comfy flat backs, on a regular basis.

Without cleaning over time, debris can build up on the post and clog the hole on the backs and cause threading issues. Keeping your earrings clean will prevent this.

Avoid using rubbing alcohol to clean your ComfyEarrings. Alcohol is a solvent. It may cause the adhesives, that secure the gems, to deteriorate.

It’s a good idea to cover your sink drain when you insert your earrings, too. That will keep your ComfyEarrings from falling down the drain.

ComfyEarrings are a one-stop solution. They are perfect for active people, and they’re perfect for lazy ones, like me. My days of looking for earrings that won’t hurt me when I sleep are over. 

And did I mention they’re beautiful and affordable, too?

Check out my favorite pair of ComfyEarrings, that I literally wore 24/7 for two years straight!

Or my second favorite pair of ComfyEarrings, that I’m currently wearing.

While you’re at it, check them all out!

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