Our Mission to Give You the Best Jewelry for Pierced Ears: Comfort, Safety, and Style

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to jewelry for pierced ears. There are literally thousands of choices of earrings. There are gems, studs, hoops, silver, gold, rose gold, charms, enamels, and many more. Earrings are everywhere – the options are endless!

So, when choosing jewelry for your pierced ears, how do you decide? Do you choose earrings based on price? Is your choice based on the quality of the materials or the look of the earrings? Do you choose earrings to complement your outfits or your style? Perhaps you have sensitive ears and can only wear specific types of earrings.

Why not choose a brand of earrings that focuses on all of those features while delivering comfort as well? ComfyEarrings has spent more than a decade using fan feedback to provide the best design for pierced ears. We’re so confident you’ll love your ComfyEarrings that we offer a 100% risk-free guarantee.

Here are the key values that make up our ComfyEarrings mission:

The flat back of ComfyEarrings nap earrings shown in the ear of a model.

It’s All In the Name

ComfyEarrings are, simply put, comfortable! If you’ve had pierced ears for any length of time, surely you’re familiar with earrings that just plain hurt. The backs of traditional earrings leave the earring posts exposed. So, they can cause painful pokes to your neck while you’re talking on the phone or trying to take a much-needed nap!

Not anymore! Say goodbye to painful pokes and prods and hello to comfort. We designed ComfyEarrings’ screw-on flat backs to be as lightweight and balanced as possible. 

As a result, they’re only 6.0 mm wide and 2.0 mm thick. Our flat backs are also smooth and completely cover the ends of the earring posts. So they won’t poke or irritate your neck, no matter what activity you’re doing. Some of our fans have specialized jobs that require particular headgear or protection. With ComfyEarrings their workday is saved, along with their pierced ears!

One fan is a helicopter flight nurse, and she has to wear a helmet every day. She found ComfyEarrings and fell in love with them because the flat backs allow her to wear her helmet with zero stabs and no snags. She now wears several pairs of ComfyEarrings at a time and doesn’t have to remove them for work.

Pink Opal ComfyEarrings
Another fan of ComfyEarrings is a radio DJ who needs to wear big headphones for her job. Those big headphones are great for audio, but they caused her earrings to poke and scratch her neck. Then, she discovered ComfyEarrings! Now, she can wear earrings every day without getting painful pokes and scratches on her neck.

We could keep going! We have so many testimonials from fans with pierced ears touting the benefits of ComfyEarrings. Visit our reviews page and see more for yourself!

Even if you aren’t a flight nurse or a radio DJ, you don’t have to endure the irritation caused by traditional earrings while going about your daily activities…

ComfyEarrings are perfect for:

ComfyEarrings Flat Back

Talking on the phone.

The phone can push your traditional earring posts into your neck and poke you. Ouch! Our exclusive Comfy screw-on flat backs eliminate that problem. They protect your neck so that you can chat on the phone in complete comfort. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a back coming loose. Just check them for tightness daily and then go about your tasks with confidence. 

Crystal Clear flat back screw on stud earrings


Whether you’re ready to let your head sink into your pillow after a long day or you just need a quick nap, ComfyEarrings will let you get that much-needed rest. Who wants to be pinched and poked while they’re trying to relax? You can comfortably sleep in any position while wearing ComfyEarrings and not worry about getting stabbed in the neck.

Snowflake ComfyEarrings worn in a model's ear wearing a knit scarf.

Wearing winter gear.

No one likes to wear a toboggan, ear warmers, or even a scarf when it’s cold outside and have their earrings get stuck or snagged! That won’t happen with ComfyEarrings. Not only are they the perfect nap earrings, but they also make the perfect accessory for your winter wardrobe. Our uniquely designed backs won’t get caught on your winter gear. No more painful yanks!

Aurora Borealis Flower ComfyEarrings

So, save your ears and neck! Grab yourself a few pairs of helmet-proof, headphone-proof nap earrings (that are so comfortable you can wear them 24/7/365) and see what all the fuss is about.

We’ll even send you a $5 off coupon code that you can use on your first purchase when you sign up below. Let’s go shopping!

Then, try ComfyEarrings completely risk-free. If you don’t love them and want to wear them every day, just return them, and we will give you your money back.

Materials Matter

Another thing that sets ComfyEarrings apart from other earring companies is the materials we use. Every pair of ComfyEarrings is made with either 316L surgical-grade stainless steel or medical, implant-grade Titanium (Ti 6Al-4V ELi). So, your ears will have best-in-class comfort, and you’ll never have to worry about your ears turning green. ComfyEarrings will stand the test of time – no discoloration, rust, or tarnish!

The metals in every style of ComfyEarrings are independently verified by Thermo Fisher Scientific to ensure comfort. Even for the most sensitive ears! In fact, many of our fans had given up on wearing traditional earrings because of sensitivity to subpar materials…

Peridot ComfyEarrings

Even ComfyEarrings creator, Christina, thought there was no hope for cute, safe, and comfortable earring options. Thankfully, she had the idea for ComfyEarrings to answer that need for comfortable, stylish, allergy-free (hypoallergenic) earrings you can sleep in!

Because you won’t have to worry about issues like green ears or sensitivities, you can leave ComfyEarrings in your pierced ears and wear them for days or even weeks at a time. (We recommend cleaning around the posts and backs regularly just like you would with other earrings.)

After hundreds of fan comments over the years, we can confidently say that ComfyEarrings are the most comfortable earrings on earth!

On top of the quality of our materials, the design of ComfyEarrings has been repeatedly tested and refined since the creation of the prototype.

Why choose between comfort and quality? Let ComfyEarrings provide both for your pierced ears! Don’t forget about the instant $5 savings when you sign up below!

Style Doesn’t Need to be Sacrificed

Now on to the fun part – the wide array of ComfyEarrings styles! We have over 100 styles and sizes of ComfyEarrings.

Stainless Martini Prong ComfyEarrings

Stainless Collection

If you like simplicity, check out our Stainless Collection of comfortable earrings. Available in bezels, shapes, and prongs for endless options, our stainless ComfyEarrings collection offers something for every taste.

Stainless dog ComfyEarrings main image

Shapes Collection

To add some fun, check out our Shapes Collection, including balls, bars, hearts, leaves, stars, and even pawprints. Featuring a variety of finishes, including 24K gold plated and 18K rose gold plated.

Modern Prong Crystal Clear ComfyEarrings

Modern Collection

If you like an edgy style, check out our Modern Collection which is black-plated. We have options ranging from clear and colorful CZs to our fan-favorite white opal. So, you’re sure to find a trendy addition for your pierced ears.

To see all of our ComfyEarrings collections, check out our complete Collections page or visit our store where, whatever your style, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair of ComfyEarrings! We have hundreds of styles of ComfyEarrings (also known as comfortable earrings, nap earrings, or sleeper earrings) in stock and ready to ship to you.

Our mission is simple: we want you to love your ComfyEarrings and wear them every day (and sleep comfortably in them too)! And we’re 100% sure you will.

So, check out all of our styles, try a pair today, and join the fans worldwide who have fallen in love with ComfyEarrings.

Red Enamel Flowers

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About ComfyEarrings

More than a decade ago, co-owners Nick and Christina Gillick set out to find an earring that could be comfortably worn around the clock. (“So comfy I can sleep in them!” Christina would say.)

When comfortable earrings couldn’t be found, Nick and Christina created ComfyEarrings to be comfortable 24/7 without stabbing your neck or squishing your earlobes. The exclusive flat backs eliminate pressure on your ears and protect your neck from painful pokes when you talk on the phone or sleep.

Today the ComfyEarrings team has grown but we remain dedicated to the same goals we began with: 100% comfort and quality. Your happiness with ComfyEarrings is always guaranteed!