The Very Best Earrings for Sensitive Ears

by Ruthie Ma

For years I thought I couldn’t wear earrings because of a nickel allergy. But, I was wrong!

I didn’t have a nickel allergy. I just had very sensitive ears.

I was pinching my earlobes so tight, I was causing what looked like an allergic reaction: red itchy sores, and puss-filled piercings!

As a person with sensitive ears, I know the hassle of searching for earrings that won’t react with my skin. I know what it’s like to fall in love with a pair of earrings in the store… then find out later that my ears aren’t happy with my new love connection.

The worst is when your ears start developing sores, and crusty gunk starts oozing from the piercings!

Struggling with ears that are trying to heal, while also trying to conceal the nasty sores, isn’t fun. It turns into a horrible cycle of needing to cover up the gross and needing to let your ears heal.

Here’s why ComfyEarrings are the solution to these traditional earring problems:

Not only are ComfyEarrings completely comfortable, but they’re also hypoallergenic. The 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel and the design of ComfyEarrings work together to be the best hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears that I’ve ever used.

This metal, that’s used to make ComfyEarrings, is the answer to our hypoallergenic earring woes. Surgical Grade Steel can withstand pool chemicals, hair dyes, and more. It also holds up to the constant cycle of hairspray, mousse, shampoo, and conditioner that our earrings endure.

ComfyEarrings even guarantees they’ll never tarnish or turn green.

The design of ComfyEarrings is the other half of the equation that makes them the perfect earrings for sensitive ears.

When putting on traditional stud earrings, we squeeze the back up against the earlobe making it as tight as possible. This is because we are sick of losing earrings! We want to make sure they’re on all the way, and that the studs are going to stay on.

But when you suffocate the earlobe by pressing that back up against it, you’re causing yourself worse problems than just losing an earring. 

Earlobes sweat! Did you know that? According to, they do! 

So when you create a situation where the skin is getting moist, and pressure is being applied, you have a recipe for open sores. These are the same conditions that result in bedsores! 

Wearing ComfyEarrings solves all this. There’s a set amount of space between the front of the earring and the back of the earring. This provides enough space and movement to avoid causing open sores. NO pressure. No trapped moisture. And safe, secure earrings. Breaking the cycle for good!

With ComfyEarrings, the post is one size fits most. But, this isn’t always a perfect fit for a little girl’s ears. And some people naturally have thin earlobes.

ComfyEarrings has a solution to this problem, too. They will ship you silicone spacers at no charge to use on the back of your ComfyEarrings post. These fit between your earlobe and the flat screw-on back to make sure your earrings don’t droop. Just request them in the order notes, and they’ll make sure they’re added to your order.


ComfyEarrings are the best earrings for sensitive ears. But don’t take my word for it. You can try them risk-free. If you don’t like them, for any reason, you can return them for a 100% refund. It’s that simple.

Don’t wait for comfort to find you.

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Ruthie Ma

Ruthie is a freelance content creator. She's a married work-at-home mom, raising two beautiful children in Kansas City.

Ruthie has a passion for photography and loves to spend time with her family.