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All ComfyEarrings Styles

ComfyEarrings Halos

Upgrade your ComfyEarrings Bezels with ComfyEarrings Halos. Mix and match six different halos with 26 different bezels to create your own unique style. Over 156 possible combinations!

NEW: Fancy Backs

Now you can enhance ComfyEarrings with new Fancy Backs. Mix and match five unique backs with 85 different ComfyEarrings to create your own style. There are over 425 possible combinations!

Titanium ComfyEarrings

(Made in the USA!)

Now you can be comfortable and stylish in Titanium ComfyEarrings. Made in the USA, with medical, implant-grade Titanium (Ti 6Al-4V ELi).

Available in three sizes, making them perfect for multiple piercings!

Not sure which style they'd love?

Let your special someone choose their favorite style and color.

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