ComfyEarrings Prongs in box

Whoever said “Pain is Beauty” didn’t have ComfyEarrings!

ComfyEarrings remove the pain and hassle of traditional earrings – guaranteed!

Our flat back protects your neck from painful pokes. Plus, because ComfyEarrings screw together, they won’t squeeze your ears.


So Comfy You Can Do Anything In Them!

ComfyEarrings-GraphicComfyEarrings are so comfortable you can wear them all the time — even sleep, shower, and play in them. (We guarantee it!)

Fans have comfortably worn ComfyEarrings while traveling, hiking, swimming, practicing gymnastics, dying their hair, using headsets, and a whole lot more.

Now there’s no reason to choose between looking good and being comfortable — with ComfyEarrings, you can have both!

All ComfyEarrings are made with surgical stainless steel so they’re safe and comfortable – even for sensitive ears.


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