How-to Screw On ComfyEarrings’ Flat Back Earrings

How-to Screw On ComfyEarrings’ Flat Back Earrings

How-to Screw On ComfyEarrings’ Flat Back Earrings

by Ruthie Ma

Are you new to ComfyEarrings?

Welcome to a whole new world of comfort! The unique screw-on design of ComfyEarrings gives your earlobes room to breathe and protects your neck from painful pokes (even while sleeping).

All you have to do is insert them. And that’s where these tips come in.

There’s a small learning curve to wearing ComfyEarrings. But give it a few tries, and you’ll be a pro. (Plus, once ComfyEarrings are in, you can leave them 24/7, even to sleep!)

Start by cleaning your ComfyEarrings with a mild antibacterial soap. Just be sure to cover the sink’s drain first. So, you’ll be able to retrieve any dropped pieces easily.

Then do a test run (or two). Unscrew and re-screw the two pieces of your ComfyEarrings a few times before trying in your earlobe. Get a feel for the screw part of the earring and the back coming together and tightening.

Practicing the screwing and unscrewing now, without your earlobe, will help you feel what’s happening when you’re ready to insert your ComfyEarrings.

Then, follow these tips:

Step #1: Hold the back steady and twist the front of the earring.

The front, decorative part of your ComfyEarrings is the part you’ll want to twist—not the back.

So, hold the flat back in place behind your ear. If you need help gripping it, try a small piece of double-sided sticky tape. Stick the piece of tape on your index finger, and use the tape to grip the back, holding it in place.

(Another option is to wear latex gloves to hold the back in place behind your ear. The rubbery texture of the gloves grips onto the smooth surface of the back.)

Again, it will become easy with a little practice. And, once your ComfyEarrings are in, you can wear them 24/7. So, you won’t have to worry about removing and re-inserting them.

Step #2: Hold the front (the decorative, stud part of your ComfyEarrings) and guide it into the hole of your piercing.

Then twist it into the back and turn until you feel resistance.

Once your ComfyEarrings are in, you can wear them all the time. Just remember to check the flat screw-on back occasionally to ensure snug threading.

If you need more help, here are some additional quick tips:

  • Have a friend help you screw on your flat back earrings.
  • Take a warm shower first. Heat and moisture make your earlobes relax, which will help with inserting your earrings. If you don’t want to wait until you shower, apply a warm, wet washcloth to your earlobes for the same effect.

Inserting ComfyEarrings the first time can take a little patience. But you’ll soon get the hang of it.

If you still have questions, please contact us for help.

These simple tips have turned many people with sensitive ears into raving fans of ComfyEarrings. Give them a try today.

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What do you have to lose? (Except for the pain of traditional earrings?)

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Ruthie Ma

Ruthie is a freelance content creator. She's a married work-at-home mom, raising two beautiful children in Kansas City. 

Ruthie has a passion for photography and loves to spend time with her family. 


Use Screw-on Earrings to Stay Camera-Ready

Use Screw-on Earrings to Stay Camera-Ready

Use Screw-on Earrings to Stay Camera-Ready

by Renee Smith

Renee SmithIt may sound a little dramatic, but screw-on earrings changed my life. Maybe not in some earth-shattering, “made-for-TV-movie” sort of way. But in a down-to-earth, everyday life sort of way.

Maybe you can relate…

When it came to my wardrobe, style sometimes took a backseat to function and comfort.

But, the minute my first daughter was born, my beauty routine changed forever. Forget style and beauty. I was lucky to get a shower, much less adorn myself with accessories like earrings! (At the time, screw-on earrings weren’t an option.)

My daughter was the first of three, and each added her own layer of activities as they grew. Plus, there was work and life: Dishes, laundry, groceries to buy.

pearls-are-always-appropriateYou get the picture. You probably live the picture.

Like you, I’m always on the go, and my schedule is always packed.

So, to keep up with the busy demands of my life, I simplified my wardrobe with a lot of “day-to-evening” wear. I often sort of joked that every piece of clothing I owned was actually some form of glorified sweatpants. I had everything from “Saturday-morning-pancakes-and-laziness” sweatpants to “Monday-morning-you-have-an-8-am-meeting” sweatpants.

As you can imagine, I didn’t wear much jewelry, if any, at all. On top of my lack of time, my skin is sensitive. So, traditional jewelry stopped being worth the hassle.

Instead, I prioritized comfort over style and family bonding over personal care. (And, I still do.) After all, I’m busy making memories. The moments of my life–big and small–are important, which brings up a new issue…

ComfyEarrings perfect for travelWe live in an age where we can instantly record the special moments in our life, with little effort because there’s always a camera nearby.

Like most people, my phone is a camera. And I can pull it out and use it any time.

So, it’s not like the “old days”. I don’t have to wait. I don’t have to buy film. I don’t have to pay to have the film developed.

Now it’s easy to record every waking minute. And it’s not uncommon to find yourself on social media as the subject of someone else’s fun photos.

That’s so cool!

crystal-clear-prongsAnd, it’s a little scary… because staying “camera-ready” is now a thing!

I don’t want my memories to involve glorified sweatpants and no accessories. I want to look “put together”. I want my photos to look stylish. I want to wear earrings. Suddenly beauty and style matter to me again.

But I still want to be comfortable and keep my beauty routine simple. After all, I’m still always on the run.

When my first daughter was born, I used to think a simple, stylish beauty routine was too much to ask. But not anymore… because I found ComfyEarrings.

ComfyEarrings are the building block for a camera-ready look – 24/7/365.

Small things really add up.

ComfyEarrings are uniquely designed. They have a flat screw-on back which eliminates pressure on your ears and keeps the posts from poking you in the neck.

Their unique design means you can wear them for around-the-clock comfort. You don’t have to take these earrings out. Ever.

Yes, you can even wear them while sleeping!

Because ComfyEarrings won’t poke you when you’re sleeping. You can wake up in them and start the day with one less decision to make. They’re the quintessential accessory.

ComfyEarrings are made from high-quality materials. The posts are manufactured using 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, which has two very significant benefits:

  • Sensitive ears love them! Trust me … I know! Just clean your ComfyEarrings before you insert them for the first time. (The instruction page will teach you how to clean your earrings properly.) Then clean them periodically after that. The metals themselves are independently tested and are extremely unlikely to cause a reaction. (In fact, we guarantee your happiness and comfort!)
  • They won’t rust, discolor, or turn your ears green. Period. It’s guaranteed. You can swim in them, shower in them, live in them–and you’ll always be ready for that photo op!

ComfyEarrings are made using high-quality gems, too (Grade A Cubic Zirconia crystals). As long as you use a mild soap (instead of rubbing alcohol which could break down the adhesives used to hold the gems in place), you’ll never have to worry about your earrings looking dull or worn.

Comfort is all the rage.

But it no longer has to come at the expense of beauty. We need some things to remain simple.

Look great. Feel great. And don’t break the bank.

Try your own pair of ComfyEarrings today. Before you do, sign up below. You’ll get a coupon worth $5 off delivered to your inbox immediately!

Grab a pair (or two), and stay camera-ready at a moment’s notice.

You’ll thank me later.


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Renee Smith 

Renee is our Customer Service Manager. She lives in Lubbock, Texas. She’s married to Keith, and they have three grown daughters. She loves to cook and spends her free time with her family and friends.

Renee focuses her energy on doing whatever needs to be done to make sure our customers know they’re our #1 concern.