Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m having a hard time inserting my ComfyEarrings… What do you recommend?

ComfyEarrings can be a little tricky the first few times, but we have some tips that have turned people into raving fans! :) You can read them here.

Can I comfortably sleep in ComfyEarrings™?

Yes, you can comfortably sleep in our earrings! Because ComfyEarrings™ have a flat back, they don’t poke you in the neck when you sleep on your side or roll over. And, unlike traditional post earrings, the backs on ComfyEarrings™ screw onto the post so they won’t squish your earlobe during the night – or day.

I’m allergic to earrings and I don’t see “nickel free” listed on your site. Are they nickel free or hypoallergenic?

ComfyEarrings™ are not specifically made “nickel free” or hypoallergenic. Here’s why: While doing our initial research and testing, we found most people who experience irritation when wearing earrings aren’t allergic to the metal. If you develop a rash or extreme itching when exposed to stainless steel you may be allergic.

However, if you only experience irritation (red and/or painful earlobes) then it’s very likely due to the style of the earrings you’re wearing.

We recommend giving ComfyEarrings™ a try.

All of our testers who thought they were allergic experienced zero issues with our earrings. But, if you try ComfyEarrings™ and you have an allergic reaction – or even if you don’t like them – please return them for a full refund. No questions asked. Learn more about our no-risk 100% guarantee here.

How much does it cost to ship to my state or country?

All U.S. orders over $30 ship free! If your order is less than $30 – and shipping to a location in the U.S., you’ll be charged a flat rate of $2.00. Shipping to all other countries is currently $6.55. We do not charge for “handling” or “processing.” We ship exclusively through the United States Postal Service.

Please note: If you are outside the U.S. your country may charge an import tax.

How will I know when my package is shipped and how to track it?

ComfyEarrings are shipped via USPS first class package and you will receive an email from our system when your earrings are shipped. This email will include a tracking number and a direct link to

Note: For international orders the tracking feature will stop tracking once the package leaves the United States. If you feel your package is unnecessarily delayed please contact your local customs office. If that doesn’t resolve your issue please contact our support.

How long will it take to ship my ComfyEarrings™ to my house?

We process and mail orders on business days (Monday – Friday). Your order will be shipped within 48 hours – unless it’s the weekend (or unless noted above). In that case, it will be on it’s way to you the following business day. Our packages come from North Texas and are in a padded envelope. You should expect them to arrive in about the same time-frame as a letter from Texas via the United States Postal Service.

How do I get a refund for my earrings?

Our return information and address can be found here. If you contact us regarding a return/refund or replacement, please include your name and address so we can look up your order.

Also, if you have the time, please take a moment to tell us why they didn’t work for you. We strive to improve on a continuous basis and any feedback you have will help us make ComfyEarrings better.

I have very sensitive ears. Will ComfyEarrings™ irritate my ears?

So far, all our testers (even those with sensitive ears) have been able to wear ComfyEarrings without a problem.

But, keep in mind, if you had to “re-pierce” your ears to get them in, it may take a few hours for your ears to stop hurting. This is normal, but within a few hours, you’ll be able to tell that ComfyEarrings are the most comfortable earrings on Earth.

If you don’t agree, or if you don’t like the earrings for any other reason, please return them (within 365 days) for a full refund by contacting us here.

Do you offer “dangly” earrings?

At this time ComfyEarrings are only available as studs. Through research and experimentation we have found that “dangly” earrings add extra weight on the front and may not fit in with our “comfy” world. However, we may introduce a pair in the future once we get them perfected. Contact us here if you’d like to be on the email announcement list.

Where is your phone number? I want to call and ask questions…

Right now, we can’t offer phone support because we’re busy packing and shipping ComfyEarrings all over the world. Please contact us by clicking here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. If you’d like, you can also contact us on Facebook, but please keep in mind, we don’t have the staff to monitor social media as often as we’d like and your response may be delayed. The fastest way to hear from us is to contact us here.

Is ComfyEarrings in America?

Yes. We are located in North Texas, about an hour from Dallas.

Can children wear these earrings?

Yes, anyone with pierced ears can wear ComfyEarrings™.

Are they sterile?

ComfyEarrings are stored and packaged in a clean environment. However, we can’t guarantee them as sterile when you receive them because they have to go through the post office to arrive at your door.

We recommend cleaning them with rubbing alcohol prior to use.

Can they only be used in ear piercings?

ComfyEarrings were developed specifically for ear piercings. We would recommend consulting with a professional piercer before using them in other piercings.

Do your earrings only work in pierced ears?

Yes, you must have an open pierced hole for the posts to insert through.

My earlobes are skinny and my ComfyEarrings don’t sit flat against my ear. Do you have shorter posts?

Everyone’s earlobe is a different thickness, but we designed ComfyEarrings to fit “most” ears. If you desire a snugger fit, please let us know and we will send you a pair of clear silicone o-rings. These o-rings slip over the post and sit against the base to give you a snugger fit.

Remember, you don’t want them too tight or they won’t be comfy anymore.

I can’t hold onto the earrings while I’m putting them in…

Because ComfyEarrings were designed to be worn 24/7 and be the most comfortable earrings on Earth, they can be a little tricky to take in and out.

It’s best if you have a friend help you the first time. It gets easier each time you do it and a pair of latex gloves help out a lot. If you need more tips and instructions, please contact us.

I have a question not answered here. How can I reach you?

You can contact us anytime by clicking here.